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Newsletters are a successful communication channel. Best Western Hotels Central Europe has optimized newsletter management for internal communication: personalized newsletters to hotel employees are automatically produced and sent daily.


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Apache, Lucee 5, PostGreSQL, Ubuntu Linux, cfscript


The Task

How does a company ensure that employees are optimally informed about internal developments and news in their respective areas of responsibility? With a well-structured social intranet and personalized newsletters that are automatically produced and sent.

The Solution

More than 6,000 hotel employees at more than 230 Best Western Hotels Central Europe hotels care for their guests daily. The social intranet (read the case study on the Best Western Social Intranet) and the daily newsletter "bwnet News" with personalized content provides information on news.

The production of "bwnet News" is extremely efficient and fast, as the predefined structure is automatically filled with relevant content and timely dispatched every morning at 6 o'clock. The newsletter is created as a page in the content management system CONTENS in German, English and French language versions, and can be edited like other pages in the live view (WYSIWYG).

The structure consists of content, such as the header graphic and the introductory text, which are rarely changed, as well as daily news and information from different areas. The introductory text can be changed simultaneously via practical text modules in all language versions. This makes it particularly easy to refer to current topics. Placeholders for salutation and name make bwnet news personalized information for the Best Western employees.

The actual contents of the newsletter are editorial news from the social intranet, which are compiled automatically according to selected criteria: All content created after the last newsletter was sent, marked as editorially completed and published on the social intranet after approval, for example.

Content compilation takes into account the individual categories selected by the recipients in their social intranet profile. In addition, each recipient receives daily new responses to favorite articles, their own provided inspirations, or from groups of the social intranet in which the recipient is active. By archiving all newsletters, they can also be read later in the web browser.

Due to the reusability of news on the social intranet and the newsletter, the automatic production of bwnet News is particularly easy and efficient. The personalized selection of the newsletter contents increases the relevance for the recipients, which makes bwnet News a valuable information service for all employees.

For more urgent topics that can not wait until next morning delivery, Best Western Hotels Central Europe announces the Breaking News newsletter. This is created as a page in CMS CONTENS and editorially edited with content. The preview shows the newsletter as it would be received. A test mailing allows you to then send the newsletter to one or more recipients. The mailing can be sent immediately via mouse click or at a predetermined future time. The mailing statistics provide information on the opening and clicking rates of a sent newsletter.

The Highlights

  • Automatically created and sent daily newsletter
  • Personalized, relevant content for each recipient based on selected categories
  • Responses to content created by the recipient (e.g. comments in groups, inspirations)
  • Archiving of individual newsletters for reading in the browser
  • Alternatively: editorial newsletter for the "Breaking News"
  • Test shipment to one or more recipients
  • Statistics for the evaluation of opening and link-click rates.

For More Information

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