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With a service portal for around 860 golf clubs in Germany, the German Golf Association (DGV) is expanding and improving its service offering for its members. Three previously separate areas are now combined in a clear and modern administration tool. The new structure and modern search functions make it easier for members to access the content and services offered.


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Angular, ColdFusion, ElasticSearch, Microsoft SQL Server


The Task

With the new service portal, the DGV wanted to combine three different online offers for its members (golf clubs) and the members of the golf clubs on one central platform. At the same time, access to the information and services offered to golfers and golf club staff should be improved. In addition, the DGV wanted to simplify the management and provision of services.

The Solution

Associations offer their members important information and often different services. The provision and access to the service offering should be fast, efficient and possible across different devices. A summary of different offers to a central platform for the members increases the clarity and facilitates the access to information.

Target groups

Associations have different audiences for which different information needs to be provided. In addition to club members (such as golfers), these include, for example, officials of the clubs, such as presidents, coaches and greenkeepers, who have access to the contents in the closed area with a login. Public users can also get information, but only have access to shared content. In addition, registered and logged in users will be shown the relevant contact person for all topics, while public users will be shown the contact details of the association for further information.

Identity Server

When logging in for the closed area, a comparison with a linked identity server takes place. There, the data of all access-eligible members are stored. Registered members get immediate access. Unregistered members can submit a prepared request for activation to their golf club. Employees of the golf club process the request in the service portal and can immediately activate the activation.


In order to provide content relevant to the different target groups, the contents are assigned via categories to which pages and individual content objects such as articles, downloads and applications can be assigned. The categories are divided into functions in the club (such as president, coach, greenkeeper, ...) and topics (such as competitive sports, course maintenance, DGV card). This ensures that the contents are prepared in such a way that the target groups are provided with relevant information. For example, the "Worth Knowing" section on the Home page displays filtered content that matches the function of the logged-in user.

Faceted search

In addition to the information provided, members can quickly and reliably find out more about a search term via a modern, powerful facet search. Already when typing in the search term, existing search hits are proposed to the user in a list below the search field. The search results are grouped into a list by type of hits (e.g., articles, pages, pictures, files) and can be filtered by functions and subject areas. If a user changes the filter settings, the search results in the list are adjusted immediately. Highlighting the search term on the search results page helps users find what they are looking for faster.


The service portal was implemented fully responsive. All services and information are thus also available to members for mobile access to tablets and smartphones. The association brings to its members the information where it is actually needed, e.g. when employees are on the golf course or when members are researching information on their smartphones.

Angular applications

Association-specific applications, such as the order application of the DGV card, are integrated as an Angular application. Angular is a powerful technology for the development of modern web applications. While the content and the design process are stored in the respective application, the navigation and the incorporating side is managed via the CONTENS CMS.

Better administration

In addition to creating and publishing content, the service portal also enables the central administration of all member data. Golf clubs have access to the data of their members, while the association can manage the data of all members. This is a huge relief for the association administration.

Grown and partially outdated applications exist in many associations and organizations. The optimization of these applications and their integration into a new, modern approach make the daily work of the association's employees noticeably easier. The service portal can be optimized for different associations. In the process, existing data can be integrated and modernized for specific applications. This makes the service portal a modern and helpful platform for associations and associations.

The Highlights

  • Central portal for efficient association management
  • Content for different audiences possible, e.g. Members, association employees, interested parties
  • Integration of existing data possible
  • Integration of modern Angular applications possible
  • Responsive for mobile access 
  • Connection to existing backend systems possible

The response we receive to the DGV service portal is very positive. This is not a matter of course when introducing a new system or when launching a new website. In the future, we will continue to work on expanding the portal and permanently optimize it.

Achim Battermann, Stellvertretender Präsident des DGV

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