OBI Wocheninfo

Weekly info for stores

The OBI Weekly Info facilitates structured communication with the OBI markets and speeds up the provision of important information for local employees.


all industries


Angular, ColdFusion, MSSQL, LDAP/SSO, CONTENS, PhantomJS, RasterizeJS


The Task

With the OBI Weekly Info, the company regularly informs its employees in the markets about delivery changes, supplier information, returns and advertisements. The modern web application by CONTENS replaces an in-house development based on Lotus Notes.

The Solution

More than 46,000 employees work in more than 650 OBI home improvement stores in several European countries. For quick and targeted information of the workforce about product advantages, delivery data, placement tips and much more, the company relies on the Weekly Information, an individually developed web application from CONTENS.

Using the browser, the editors responsible create pre-structured and clear information using just a few clicks directly from the intranet. A standardized input mask with numerous supporting features makes the creation considerably easier. After approval, the finished information can be rapidly converted into PDF and sent to predefined distribution lists.

Each Weekly Info can be assigned to a specific area, such as construction, garden, season or living. A search-as-you-type search lists suitable contact persons who can be selected simply by clicking. The contact persons are synchronized from the LDAP directory. Depending on the topic selected, specific relevant options are displayed. For example, in the case of advertising, fields for the advertising duration and advertising medium; in the case of returns, the reason for the return.

A free-text field can be used to provide additional processing instructions. Editors can also call up and select predefined text modules via a button. Attachments can be easily dragged and dropped into a weekly info. During the development special emphasis was placed on the fact that the Weekly Information can be created quickly and easily navigated with keyboard shortcuts.

The interface and text modules of the Weekly Information are available in several languages, so that a version in the national language can always be generated for communication with markets abroad. The preselection of the menu language for the editors takes place when logging in via an LDAP attribute.

The clearly structured AngularJS application is extremely efficient and noticeably simplifies communication between the head office and the European markets.

The Highlights

  • AngularJS application for dynamic web form creation
  • Multilingual application
  • LDAP connection
  • Single Sign On
  • PDF creation via PhantomJS and RasterizeJS
  • Mass functions: download, create PDF
  • Multilingual CKEditor text modules

For More Information

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